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Your Very First Car: How to Avoid Impulse Buying

When it comes to financing a car in general, it is not something to be taken lightly. There are plenty of factors that come with purchasing a vehicle, and it is easy to overlook the majority of them when buying your first car, as it is often a celebratory event. Impulse buying is extremely common for those in the market for their first car, and it is usually something that they regret. After all, financing a car is something that can take a few years to pay off fully!

Fortunately, you do not have to resign yourself to an impulse purchase. Even if you have a specific model in mind, there are ways to avoid impulse buying. It will also help future-proof your car and improve your odds of using services such as Logbook Loans. Here are just a few methods to help you purchase your first car!

Look into the financing options that you have

The most common financing options tend to come from banks, credit unions, and car dealerships. Unfortunately, most impulse purchases tend to use car dealerships as the go-to financing option as first-time buyers tend not to do their research. More often than not, having dealerships take care of the financing is not a good idea, as their interest rates will be higher than usual. Depending on a few extra impulse purchases, they could even skyrocket – here are a few things that could end up making the price tag unreasonably high.

  • The extended warranty: Your dealership will likely try to sell the idea of an extended warranty to ensure that your vehicle is secure in the event that it needs repairs. However, the manufacturer’s warranty is more than enough to help out. You do not need the extended warranty, and if it is part of a financing plan, you can expect the price to be even higher.
  • Peripherals and accessories: The main problem that comes with impulse buying tends to be all of the extra purchases that come with it. Accessories are typically not needed, and once again, if it comes as a part of the financing deal, prices will be abnormally high.

Do not be afraid of looking into used cars

There are plenty of reasons why used cars are often the better choice. The first is that the variety can be quite astounding. There are plenty of different models and makes that are no longer being produced today. The only feasible way of obtaining them would be to purchase a second-hand car. Another benefit is that the price will often be significantly lower, even though it suffers from no mechanical issues, and likely has most of its innate flaws repaired.

It can be a shame to succumb to impulse buying when it comes to your first car, as it could be something that you will be forced to finance for years to come. Why make things more challenging for yourself when you can follow the tips above and ensure that your purchase is the right one?

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