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Your Guide To Remote Recruitment and On-Boarding

While recruitment is still important for businesses, many are wary about handling this and onboarding remotely. Bringing a new person onto your team is already a significant decision. Business owners may be concerned that remote hires won’t fit with company culture. They might be worried about the onboarding process. They may be thinking about the impact this will have on company morale. Currently, working from home is the standard, which is why businesses should start adjusting to handling these processes remotely.

How To Recruit Remotely

As it stands, it’s currently more challenging to recruit new talent to your team. Thankfully, there’s a large pool of excellent candidates that are available to hire.

Creativity is a key component of remote recruitment. While you’ll want to follow the same recruitment standards you’ve followed in the past, you’ll also want to look at this process in a new light.

Be clear about what it is you’re looking for. Create a job posting that describes the position accurately.

There are many people looking for work during this time, and as such, it’s likely that you’ll receive many applications. You should consider every stage of the recruitment process and have a plan in mind. Set aside time so that you’ll be able to interview talent, review candidates with other team members, and provide feedback as needed. In addition to preparing questions for the interview, you may want to come up with a task that candidates can perform. When choosing a task, you’ll want to consider how difficult it will be to present the results of the task over a video call.

Remote On-Boarding

Communication is Key

It’s always going to be difficult to start a new position. However, because of current circumstances, new hires may experience high amounts of stress. That’s why management needs to prioritize communication. It’s important that workers receive support and reassurance during this time.

It’s smart for management to reach out to new hires early on and welcome them to the team. Afterwards, they should send an email and urge the hire to reach out to them if they have questions or need support.

Take Care of Tech

Technology is what is keeping businesses running during this time. That’s why it’s important to make sure everything is properly set up for new hires. Workers should have the equipment they need, as well as network access. It can also be helpful to give them a guide on the software they’ll be working with.

Welcome Programmes With Structure

The office environment provided structure. Because this is currently absent, it’s even more important to offer workers structure, particularly when onboarding. You should have a structured welcome programme that covers their first week of work. You can plan a Zoom meeting where you’ll introduce them, teach them about company culture, and go over what will be expected of them on a daily basis. This programme should make it easier for new hires to understand their role.

Stay in Touch

You should regularly reach out to new hires and encourage them to call or email you as needed. However, you shouldn’t be checking on them throughout the day. Demonstrate that you trust that they’ll handle the job well. You may want to call, email, or schedule a Zoom meeting with them once a day during their first week. However, if things are proceeding smoothly, you can ease off on check-ins from that point forward. You could check in once a week, once every other week, and so on.

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