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Truest Choices for Truck Loans Now


Are you planning to buy a truck or van for your particular or commercial activities? Follow these tips to make sure you find the best financing. Do not hesitate to ask the financers for advice when applying for a truck loan, to get the best rate and the right loan for your cheap truck loan.

Compare free consumption credits

Prepare your loan file

Like the purchase of a private car, the purchase of a truck often requires the use of one or more financing on credit. If this is your case, consider having a strong loan file if you want more flexible loan terms tailored to your profile. You can click here for more.

Know first of all that your file will not be considered as a consumer credit application if you apply for it on behalf of a sole proprietorship or a company registered as such. Thus, to be eligible for the credit cons, the subscription of the credit truck must be made in own name. Then come the other legal criteria to respect:

The loan must be at least 200 euros, while being less than 75 000 euros, except in exceptional cases. If the truck is more expensive, you have the choice between taking out several different loans and making a personal contribution to supplement your acquisition fund. 

The repayment term is capped at 7 years. You must therefore guarantee the repayment of all loans at this time. 

Proof of income, identity or employment must be included in the file to assess your creditworthiness. 

The help of specialists such as Credits Brokers are essential for you to build the best possible file for your loan application truck.

Which modes of financing?

Your loan file prepared beforehand, you can proceed to the next step, namely the subscription of the contract itself. You then have the choice between several loan offers, from banks, specialized companies and manufacturers themselves. The financing available to you is divided into several categories, including:

Assigned loans: to be subscribed with a bank or a credit company, these contracts are dedicated exclusively to financing the purchase of the truck. 

Unallocated personal credits: with these loans, you are free to use the allocated funds in any transaction of your choice. You have the possibility to decide on the model and the brand of the truck to buy at any moment, as long as you have the amount of the credit. 

Free credits: However, the solvency conditions remain the same as with an assigned or unallocated bank loan. You negotiate the repayment terms directly with the seller at the time of purchase.

  • Credits intermediaries Credits will guide you in your choice of the best credit truck.
  • In their campaign to launch a new model, major car brands like to put forward their offer of payment on credit. Often, these financing solutions are not limited to new cars. Each manufacturer has indeed payment solutions, with or without conditions of recovery, for each range or model of new car.

These products generally take the form of a payment facility, whereby you can pay the price of a new truck over a period of 24 to 72 months. As in any other consumer credit, you negotiate in advance with the truck the amount of the monthly payments, the interest rate and the duration of the contract according to your repayment capacity.

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