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 The Best Forex EAs

 In today’s technological age it’s hard to find a robot that doesn’t perform better than a human at both menial and complex tasks. It could be argued that this is well demonstrated in Forex trading, where emotions, human error and sleep can restrict our ability to continually place optimal trades. Expert Advisors, also called EA’s, enable you, the trader, to take advantage of every market movement, regardless of the time of day, or where you are, and therefore enable you to seize on money making opportunities.

Let’s have a look at arguably three of the best EA’s in the market:

Forex Flex EA

Forex Flex EA is a well-established advisor with a proven track record. This EA boasts an impressive display and record, given that over the last four years it’s default account has made a gain of over 13,500%. An impressive statistic from any angle. This robot has consistently produced profits, and has remained unaffected by changes in the market. What makes this EA unique is its analysis; it uses a virtual trade technology to find the best entry point. In addition, it has 12 strategies, giving the trader flexibility in their approach to the market. Forex Flex EA is a robot I would recommend to new traders who wish to learn the market.

Trading Manager Pro

Trading Manager Pro was only released this year, and is considered to be one of the most innovative EA’s. This EA excels in precision by providing in depth analysis using a wide variety of technical indicators. Another plus point is that it is user friendly and data can be viewed in multiple timeframes. Furthermore, traders can adapt the EA to suit their preference by creating their own strategies or using the robot in full or semi automatic mode. Trading Manager Pro is an EA that works best for experienced traders who have a good knowledge of the market.

Delton Pro

Delton Pro is an EA with a reliable history. It’s back tests and growth go back as far as 10 years, cementing the credibility of its strategies. Delton Pro specialises in accuracy and consistency. This EA reduces the risk undertaken by most traders, as it analyses the market in real time, rather than relying on past data to make decisions. Market psychology and price action are fundamental cogs in this machine. Delton Pro works well for traders who are focused on the long term, with a medium to long term trading strategy and who want to eliminate the effect of sporadic market behaviour.

 Where can I trade?

 Vantage FX is a globally renowned broker. It has won one many awards, including broker of the year. Vantage FX pride themselves on offering transparency, ECN pricing, some of the tightest spreads in the industry and unparalleled execution speed. To win at trading you not only need a great strategy or EA, but also a great broker.

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