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MT4 Mobile Trading Review

Meta Trader 4 mobile, also known as mt4 mobile trading, allows investors to use smartphones and tablets to trade on financial markets. Mt4 mobile trading will enable you to leave your stationary workstation and trade anytime from anywhere.

Mt4 mobile trading has most of the features available on the mt4 desktop version. This mobile platform is available on both IOS and Android devices. Additionally, mt4 mobile trading gives you complete control over your trading account, with various execution modes and order types, that you can find in the Malaysian broker Juno Markets.

Mt4 mobile platform offers many traders, especially currency traders, the opportunity of being more flexible in their daily activities. Currency traders can trade for 24 hours a day, and a mobile platform is more appropriate for them since they cannot stay in their workstations for all that time.

This review will discuss the features, advantages, and disadvantages of mt4 mobile trading.

MT4 Mobile Trading Features

  • Control over your trading account: The mt4 mobile trading platform allows fully-featured trading. All these features give you complete control over your trading account, just like on the mt4 desktop.
  • Execution modes and order types: Mt4 mobile trading provides you with individual settings that allow you to trade in the most comfortable way. Additionally, the platform enables you to choose from a variety of execution modes or order styles. Traders can implement any trading strategy despite its complexity.
  • Real-time price quotes and alerts: Getting real-time price quotes and alerts is critical in financial trading. The mt4 mobile trading platform gives you real-time price quotes. Furthermore, the platform allows you to set notifications that alert you to market events.
  • Historical data: The platform’s historical data allows you to analyze the market even when you have no internet connection.
  • Interactive symbol charts: Mt4 mobile trading has a variety of customizable charts and graphs. The charts and graphs allow traders to analyze trades using their tablets or phones. A trader can also zoom in and scroll through the charts. Bar charts, broken line graphs, and Japanese candlesticks are available on mt4 mobile trading.
  • Technical indicators: The mt4 mobile trading platform supports a variety of technical analysis tools. These technical indicators assist traders in making their decisions regarding which traders to open and which to close.
  • Mobile chat and email: This mobile platform has a convenient chat and email feature that allows traders to chat with other traders.
  • Financial market news: Mt4 mobile trading provides traders with real-time news and updates on the financial market trends.
  • Nine timeframes: Mt4 mobile trading offers traders nine trading timelines, ranging from one minute to one month.

Advantages of Mt4 Mobile Trading

  • Mt4 mobile trading platform is simple and clear yet effective. The platform is ideal for both beginners and experienced traders. Order execution is instant, and traders don’t have to keep looking at their phones.
  • The platform allows traders to use a variety of technical analysis tools. These tools make mt4 mobile trading suitable for both active and passive traders.
  • Mt4 mobile trading gives traders access to newsfeeds and the ability to set notification alerts. Traders are therefore well informed of the market trend and can identify opportunities.
  • Trade from anywhere anytime. Mt4 mobile trading allows traders to enjoy a powerful functionality of their tablets and smartphones; trade anywhere in the world and anytime.
  • The mt4 mobile trading interface is customizable and allows traders to have individual settings that make trading more efficient. You can also adjust the platform’s color schemes to your liking.
  • The mt4 mobile platform is not too specific on the system resource requirements. As such, traders can use the platform on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

 Disadvantages of Mt4 Mobile Trading

  • The panoramic view is not very good because of the display’s size.
  • It is impossible to access the entire scope of features and opportunities available on the desktop’s stationary platform.


Mt4 mobile trading provides outstanding features that allow you to trade from anywhere at any time. This platform is the best solution to trade forex, stocks, and commodities on the go. Traders don’t have to be afraid that they will lose opportunities when they leave their stationary workstations.

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