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Max Life Insurance: Getting the Right Protection for Your Family

Established in the year 2000, Max Life Insurance company started its commercial operations in 2001 and is now among some of the top private life insurance companies in India. This company is a joint venture between an Indian multi-business corporate, The Max India Ltd and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd, a member of MS&AD Insurance Group.

When it comes to buying insurance, the Indian market is not an easy target. Whether it is the old crowd or the youngsters, most of the citizens of India are not able to buy the idea of investing in life insurance. A society where talking about the death is thought of as a bad omen, developing a reliable life insurance brand is not an easy task.

However, with the growth of digitalization and effects of the internet, we Indians have started to understand the value of purchasing life insurance in securing our future financially. Hence, some of the most trustworthy insurance providers, like Max Life Insurance, with the help of internet, are trying to provide Indian citizens the kind of plans that can save their loved ones from any future contingencies.

Key Factors of Max Life Insurance

There are not one but many valid reasons for you to go online and look for the most suitable Max Life Insurance plan for you and start your application. Here are some of the critical factors why Max Life Insurance is the best choice for you:

#1 Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. not only provides you a comprehensive life insurance solution but also guides you through its various beneficial solutions for long-term saving.

#2 Proudly serving more than 39 lakh customers all over the country, with assets under management worth Rs. 44,370 Cr till F.Y. 17., Max Life Insurance was awarded Quality Excellence Award for Best Insurance Company – Life Insurance Sector – Project ‘Instaclaims – Claims approval in 1 day’ as Best use of Six Sigma in Banking and Finance Industry..

#3 Max Life Insurance gives its customers six different options of paying their premium, which means as per your convenience, you can make a cash payment at the branch, make an online payment, select ECS, transfer through NEFT/RTGS, pay by debit or credit card, pay via AXIS Bank ATM, use sky pack drop boxes and more. They also offer home pickup service if you would like to pay your premium via cheque.

#4 Being one of the most customer-centric life insurance companies, Max Life Insurance also offers you policy renewal service in just three easy steps online. You need to go online to Max Life Insurance portal, fill in your essential details like client ID, client DOB, payment method and other policy details, and make the payment to renew your insurance policy.

#5 Max Life Insurance company offers a conventional, no-hassle claim process to the customers. For settlement of the claim, the beneficiary will have to visit the nearest Max Life Insurance branch with the required documents and the process will be completed within ten working days. It has a healthy claim settlement ratio of 97.81% for Individual death claims paid in FY’17.

Tips to Buy Max Life Insurance Plans

When it comes to buying a life insurance policy from Max Life Insurance company, you will be surprised to see the variety this organization can offer to help you make the best choice for your family. However, to protect your family, it is a must to know what you require and how you can match it up with the benefits any insurance policy offers you. Here are some exciting tips that you must consider before you select a Max Life Insurance plan:

#1 Compare the best to the best

When you are looking for any life insurance policy, the first and the foremost thing you must consider is the amount premium you can afford and the price quotes on the policy. Also, while purchasing a life insurance policy, your age plays an important factor. Remember, the younger you are, the better it is. When it comes to Max Term Life Insurance plan, depending on your age, requirement, and budget, Max offers you two different term plans- The Basic Life Cover Plan and The Super Term Plan. Read all the terms and benefits provided by both the plans and then choose the most appropriate one.

#2 Understand the riders before you add any

Riders with a life insurance policy are like delicious toppings on your plain vanilla ice-cream. If you order something just because it sounds delicious and you are not sure about what it is, it can spoil the ecstasy of your ice-cream. Max Life Insurance offers many beneficial riders along with a life insurance policy. However, it is not necessary that you would need all of them. Hence, when you go online and do your homework regarding the purchase of the policy, do not forget to read the details about the riders carefully. Make sure that any rider you add to the policy should give you positive results.

#3 The cheapest is not always the best

Undoubtedly, the insurance policies offered by Max are one of the most affordable ones in the market. Hence, choosing any of them will not put much pressure on your pockets. However, when it comes to choosing between two best options, we often fall for the one which is cheaper. Remember, a life insurance policy is not merely an investment. It is a foolproof way of securing your family’s future when you will be no longer around them to take care. Therefore, before selecting the cheaper life insurance policy, compare all the options offered by Max Life Insurance company and choose the one that covers your needs the most.

To be precise, your life is essential and so is your family’s security. Be thoughtful and judicious while choosing a life insurance plan as it not only involves money investment but also tends to offer a peaceful life to your family in your absence.

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