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How Does a Brand New Car Every 3 Years Sound to You?

Finding the right car can be an expensive task, we often find that our dream car is simply out of budget to buy. Saving up enough money to buy a car outright would be a difficult task even for the most responsible, so what if there was a way to still own a car without the hassle?

Personal car leasing or is a method in which you would lease a car from a company for a set amount of time, often 3 years and pay a simple monthly cost for the vehicle. This form of buying a car allows for you to have a higher spec car, often one that you couldn’t afford due to the price tag without leaving you struggling for the next pay day.

How does personal leasing work?

Once you have decided to lease a vehicle the process is relatively simple.

  • Do the maths first. Before you start looking work out what your down payment will be (a figure you pay upfront when leasing, often around 20{8f0e3f32237b5f9b05edd0017bd44f5c977dadbdc5f3c46fe5fcff72f8bbc052} of the cars value) and how much you could spend per month
  • Visit your local dealerships and have a look at the cars you are interested in. be sure to test drive a variety of cars as quite often you end up finding you prefer something completely different to what you expected.
  • Arrange to speak to one of the sales team about costs. This way you have a better idea of what cars are in your price range, allowing you to cut down the list of potential cars.
  • Negotiate the best final price of the car you can, ultimately the lower the final price the lower your monthly payments will be.
  • Once a price has been agreed in writing, negotiate the leasing terms. These include annual mileage and other restrictions/rules to follow when leasing to ensure when you return the car there are no additional payments.
  • Before signing the lease agreement be sure you are in a financial position to pay for the car every month, if you agree with all of the terms in the document then sign it off and take your dream car home.

Always remember that dealerships can be very savvy, be sure you are getting the best deal you can and if you feel that something is slightly fishy with the deal and you aren’t getting the best deal you can, walk away. Quite often if you turn down their offer they will come back with a better deal for you.

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