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Here Are the Top 5 Benefits of Using Payment Links for Merchants

We are living in the technological era where people rely on ecommerce more than brick-and-mortar shops. And every merchant who is running an ecommerce business knows how important it is to have the right payment gateway.

Payment methods have progressed over time, from cash to digital payments and each advancement is much more efficient and sophisticated than the previous. The recent upgrade which is attracting merchant’s and buyer attention is payment links. If you own a business and deal with online payments, you must be familiar with payment links.

If not, then do not worry; this blog will clear all your doubts.

What is a Payment Link?

A merchant uses a payment link when he asks a customer to make an instant payment via a link. It can be done simply via link or QR code; nothing else is needed to make a successful transaction. Customers don’t have to login into any system to make payments. Not only for customers, but it helps businesses too. Imagine owning a small business with no website and setup. Then in such cases, payment links are a savior. All companies have to do is share QR codes and link with customers, and then the customers can make payments without any hassle.

How do Payment Links Work?

The query that must be popping now in your head about the working of payment links. Well, the procedure is simple. To collect payment from the customers, merchants have to generate the payment links through payment gateways. Then after developing links, they share the same with the customers. The customer then clicks on the link, which redirects him to the secure page from where he can make the payment. On the redirected page, there are various methods available to make the payments, such as UPI, Net banking, etc. Customers will choose the mode according to their convenience. Once the payment is made, the merchant will get a notification about the successful payment.

Benefits of Payment Links

There are undeniably many benefits that come with payment links; some of them are highlighted below:

1. Less Processing Time

Everyone hates to wait around, but with payment links, there is no need to worry. Businesses can instantly collect the payment using payment links. The amount of time required by payment links is much lower compared to any other method. This is precisely why payment links are gaining popularity among merchants and even customers too.

2. Security

Security is everybody’s first concern. Both customers and businesses love to double-check everything when it comes to payment. Since the payment gateway backs up the payment links, they are 100% safe and reliable. A secure payment gateway is used to create and share payment links. Most payment link systems provide fraudulent and chargeback protection, allowing companies and customers to conduct transactions efficiently.

3. Rich Customer Experience

Payment links help in enhancing the customer experience. Since the links can be shared on any platform such as Facebook, Whatsapp, etc., the merchant can send the customized message to customers about the product or service. Customers love when business takes time to appreciate customer’s efforts.

4. Flexibility

Further, businesses can use payment links on any sales channel according to their convenience. Whether you want to send a customized message with a link on Facebook or Instagram, you can easily do it using the payment links.

5. Reduce Additional Cost

Not just this, payment links avoid the usage of other third-party services and POS terminals. Merchants can save a lot of money which they usually spend on installing and maintaining this third-party software.

Okay! So now you know the benefits of using payment links for merchants. Payment links had made the whole transaction process easy. Using it, customers can make their payments from anywhere. Not just this, it boosts client satisfaction too.


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