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Connected Benefits of Community Trust Bank

Banks happen to be introduced to ensure that people can certainly utilize their cash inside a guaranteed way. In past, wealth was hardly found in an effective funnel as there wasn’t any specific planning.

If you’re searching toward picking out a bank account, then Community Trust Bank Surrey would be the right place. Employees people involved will help you when deciding on a bank account that may help you in building your money together with meeting specific needs.

The financial institution feels glad to supply convenient options together with benefits for such specialized checking accounts. Some highlighted options together with benefits include:

Staying away from low monthly maintenance fee when low balance is maintained

Free flex bank card

Use of 24-hour banking through twenty-four hours a day convenience line

Mobile banking

Online banking with bill payment option

For those who have a branch of Community Trust Bank nearby your dwelling place, then it will likely be best to avail membership to be able to fetch numerous benefits.

Accessibility to Electronic Transfer Account (ETA)

Some highlighted benefits in colaboration with Electronic Transfer Account range from the following:

Easy accessibility to account to the people who get a federal benefit payments

You have to provide minimum deposit monthly. It might include federal benefit, wage, salary or retirement payment.

Transactions should be associated with over-the-counter and ATM card only

There remains no dependence on holding the minimum balance

Highly nominal and justified monthly maintenance charge must be compensated. It generally fluctuates between $3 and $5.

Flexible Checking


Flexible checking by Community Trust Bank Surrey is gaining high recognition because of the following reasons:

You’ll need no more than $100 for opening this kind of account

Practically, it takes no monthly maintenance fee and minimum balance

You might easily choose limitless writing of check

You can utilize first couple of checks cost free

Enjoy limitless deposits

Get monthly statement

Enjoy flex Bank card and transaction cost free

Limitless Checking

Inside a situation of limitless checking, if you’re holding minimum daily ledger balance of approximately $500, you will want never pay any cent for monthly maintenance. Additionally, you will get benefitted with limitless check writing, monthly image statement together with free flex ATM card and transactions.

The power pack option includes the next choices:

Savers Club

Purchase Protection and Warranty

Payment Card Protection


Medical Emergency Data Card

Key Ring Protection

Discount Shopping Service

Accidental Dying Insurance

Rx Advantage Prescription Medication Program

CTB 55 plus Club Checking

The CTB 55 plus Club checking from Community Bank Trust can be obtained to people who are half a century older and much more. You’ll need only $100 to spread out it! If you’re a holder of minimum ledger balance with a minimum of $5,000 then you definitely hardly require any monthly maintenance.

Together with limitless check writing, there’ll remain no trouble fee against cashier checks. You could expect to fetch $10,000as Accidental Dying & Dismemberment Insurance. Every single newborn grandchild is going to be provided free $10 checking account.

Additionally, you will be given special workshops together with travel and merchant discount. The Insurance Coverage is susceptible to policy eligibility, terms and exclusions. Because it is not really a bank guaranteed item, it’s not a first deposit.

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