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Almahfaza Review

Over 300 assets available MT4 available only for Gold and Platinum accounts
No commission, no fees USD is the only currency for traders’ accounts
Responsive ParagonEx trading interface  
WisdomHub™ Live Feed  
Islamic trading account  


Discover the right broker for the Arab market

Almahfaza is a new Forex and CFD broker dedicated to the Arab world, with a website in both Arabic and English. Powered by Progressive Tech Limited, Almahfaza’s trading experience is professional, advanced and robust whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

With leverage of up to 400:1, you can trade more than 300 financial assets with Almahfaza and diversify your investment portfolio with the most popular asset classes including Forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and ETFs.

As Almahfaza believes that every trader should be aware of what other market participants are doing before opening a trading position, it has developed its own technology called WisdomHub™ to help its traders monitor overall trading sentiment in order to make more informed decisions.

In this Almahfaza Review you will discover why this broker could be a great fit for your trading needs.

Premium trading experience

Almahfaza offers different types of trading accounts depending on traders’ needs and available capital. In all, it provides 6 different trading accounts, including a Sharia-compliant account for its Muslim traders, enabling them to trade in line with the tenets of their faith.

While the MT4 platform is only available with certain account types, Almahfaza provides its own web and mobile trading platform that is intuitive, reliable and very simple to use. You can sort instruments according to asset classes, by popularity, by alphabetical order or by volatility/daily change.

On the right of the chart above, you can see information related to the real-time behavior of the Almahfaza community as it trades certain assets. This information is part of Almahfaza’s proprietary technology – the WisdomHub™ live feed.

Knowing what the crowd is doing is a great way to make better trading decisions. Having the right information at the right time enables you to go with the flow or swim against the tide – as you decide. The WisdomHub™ live feed is available exclusively to Almahfaza’s trading community and is a powerful tool when trading popular assets.

This feed is constantly available on the trading platform and provides a range of up-to-date signals:

  • Trend
  • Volume growth
  • Volatility
  • Reversal
  • Strong market movement
  • Strong opening movement
  • Economic events
  • Market news

You can also click on the asset you want to trade to be able to visualize its price action. Then, you can use technical analysis to predict where the price is heading and open trading positions accordingly. There are plenty of drawing tools and technical indicators on this trading platform, which makes it a great option for traders of all levels of experience.

Superb bonuses and promotions

If you decide to trade with Almahfaza, you’ll get access to various rewards. For instance, when you verify your phone number, you’ll receive a $50 bonus in your trading account. It’s as simple as that.

Once you’ve registered your account and you’re logged in, just enter your mobile phone number in the correct box. You will then receive a 4-digit code that you’ll need to enter to validate your phone number on the platform.

In addition to this very simple reward, you can take advantage of a generous cashback system if you’re an active trader. Depending on your trading activity, Almahfaza refunds cash to your account as soon as you’ve completed a target, such as completing a certain number of trades in a day.

If you want to share your Almahfaza trading experience with friends, there’s also a program called Refer-a-Friend. Every time you bring a new trader to the Almahfaza community, you will receive a cash bounty in your trading account. It’s another great way to make extra money.

Ready to start trading?

To open a live account with Almahfaza, the minimum deposit depends on the type of account you select. For instance, the minimum deposit for a Standard account is $1,000. You can, however, start trading with just $100 using a Micro/Mini account.

Alternatively, you can start with a demo account, allowing you to hone your trading strategy and get familiar with the trading platform and tools on offer. Trading with virtual funds is the ideal way to learn how to navigate any trading platform, helping you  avoid making mistakes when trading with real money. A demo account is also a great place to learn more about your strengths, weaknesses and the markets you want to trade, without risking real money.

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