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Why You Need To Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Not everyone willing to migrate to the USA needs an immigration lawyer. If you have no record of crimes and disputes with the immigration authorities and you qualify for the kind of benefits sought after, you can easily go through the immigration process without help of a lawyer. However, not all are lucky!

There are several situations and complications when a lawyer’s help is not an option but a compulsion. Immigration laws involve complexities. Your ultimate fate is in the hands of the strict bureaucracy that receives little public scrutiny contrary to your expectation.

Followings are some crucial situations when you need help of a skilled LA immigration lawyer if you want to relocate to Los Angeles.

Options Are Confusing You

Let’s suppose that you are an employer looking for a skilled worker or you are a qualified worker looking for the right job. A worker is eligible for multiple visas but you may be confused as to which one will suit you the most. An immigration lawyer can help both the employer and the worker figure out which visa will meet their individual needs.

You Plan To Hire Overseas Workers

As a busy entrepreneur, you have literally no time to go through puzzling details of immigration law. You may want to sponsor an overseas worker for a green card but that requires completion of PERM (labour certification) process. You have to give adds for the job. The advertisement process is not simple and there are time deadlines in this regard.

In addition, PERM application is not a simple process. Many employers often find it hard to understand the process of completing ETA Form 9089. There are chances to commit a mistake but even a single mistake can lead to a denial.

Many skilled immigration lawyers have full knowledge of the Form 9089. They are always ready to extend their help to the employers throughout any kind of work-visa application and most importantly PERM process.

The Authority May Consider You Inadmissible

It is the commonest legal issue faced by many would-be immigrants. The consulate or USCIS may claim that you are not admissible for one or several enlisted reasons. A record of criminal activity, telling lies to the US government etc are among some common reasons for application rejection. If any of such reasons applies to you, it is better to hire a lawyer even before starting the application process.

Lengthy and Complex Paperwork Overwhelms You

Each immigration application requires filling out the required forms. The applicants are usually asked to follow some instructions in details about gathering, other paperwork and fees. Even the smallest mistake will result into return, delay or rejection of your application. The immigration lawyers have years’ of experience in dealing with the application procedures and problems. The skilled attorneys streamline the system to ready the application in a short time.

LA immigration lawyer, Josh Goldstein is a renowned immigration lawyer. He knows everything about the USA immigration laws. Contact him for his help in navigating through the complex immigration process. He will fight for you and be your greatest ally.

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