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Why is Monero different

Monero is a cryptocurrency that provides an unknown and confidential way of transacting funds. Though Monero is unique, some of its features are the same as those of various cryptocurrency. It is public, and any person can access it anywhere without any supervision from various authorities. With the increase in popularity for digital currencies it implies that people can be involved in the economy digitally in new ways without having to use the current banking systems. Some of the factors that make Monero unique from the rest of the digital currencies include:


As compared to bitcoin Monero advanced further by becoming more scalable. There is a limit of cryptocurrency blockchain based on their size. Scalability of Monero was improved by ensuring there was no limit to the block size. This also cut down on the delays involved when the block sizes are filled. This is better than bitcoin in which the blocks get full of data when various users make a lot of transactions at the same time. People therefore have to pay an additional fee to have their transactions integrated. Monero is therefore dynamic scalable which is a major distinctiveness in the market.


One of the main reasons that make Monero to be one the most valuable currencies is its privacy. Monero uses technology in which the data of different transactions are cloaked by means of ring signatures. This facilitates confidentiality when with Monero because the funds transacted are not publicly detectable on the blockchain. This is best for people who are worried about their confidentiality due to a wide range of reasons.  It also ensures that one has complete control over all their transactions because no one can know your expenditure. Though the act of privacy means people might use it for prohibited activities, its not always the case.


Monero is considered fungible as compared to other currencies because of its interchangeability. The fungibility of cryptocurrency is considered to be very crucial in the future. Monero plays the role of fungibility by ensuring that the operations are fully private. With currencies such as bitcoin it is likely for one to trail the transactions among users. This means if bitcoin was involved in any offence the identities can be tracked which is perfect in terms of the quality of a currency. With the development of Monero privacy ensures that it is impossible to associate a coin to a precedent crime because of the lack of transaction history.


It is cheaper to mine Monero as compared to another cryptocurrency. This is because in other digital currencies such as expensive bitcoin equipment are used for mining. This means that only people who can afford them can perform mining. Monero uses cryptoNight which makes it easier to be able to mine it using the regular computer units which makes it further decentralized.

Numerous keys
To ensure a better system of transaction, multiple keys are used by Monero. These keys are used in verifying the signature and funds that are transacted

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