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What are the Most Popular Plugins for MetaTrader?

If you own MetaTrader, then you will know that one of the main features of the software is being able to add plugins to it. This will help turn an already extensive piece of software into something that is great. On this page, we are going to discuss some of the best plugins available for MetaTrader.

Liquidity Bridge for MT4 and MT5

This is a fantastic plugin for MetaTrader. It will help make the management of your plugins a whaole lot simpler. For example; you will be able to configure the following with no more than a few clicks of your mouse:

  • Configure pricing and spreads
  • Smart-order route to liquidity feeds (multiple)
  • Integrate the software with post-trade processors.

This plugin is, essentially, made to help speed up the transaction process, which is going to be highly beneficial to you! Of course, all the changes can be made in real time, which means that you are going to be able to react to the market at a moment’s notice!

MT4 and MT5 SwopLoader

This is a great little plugin which will allow the broker to upload daily swap values into the MetaTrader software. You just need to have the .csv file available for the daily swap files, but this is something which is going to be easy to get your hands on, so there are not going to be any real issues here!

Scalper Watch

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with succeeding with trades will be scalpers. This is why this plugin is one of the most popular available for the software. This plugin will automatically spot any unwanted scalpers on your trades. It will constantly monitor the trades, so you will be given all of the information that you need right away. You will then be able to analyse exactly what they are doing. One of the things that people really love about the Scalper Watch plugin is the fact that it is very customizable. You will be able to change up how the scalpers are detected.  

Remember; it is important that you do not use too many different plugins with MetaTrader. We seriously suggest that you take the time to choose the ones that are going to be right for your business. If you overload the software, then things are going to get confusing. In addition to this, it is going to slow down your trades, which may cost you money! It is also worth pointing out that the simplicity of developing plugins for both MT4 and MT5 means that there a lot of plugins out there to choose from. Some of them are brilliant, others not quite so much. This means that if you do not make your pick well, then you may end up with a plugin which is not all that great! We suggest that you take the time to ensure that the plugins that you get your hands on come from a reputable source!

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