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Trade with One of the Best & Reliable Brokers in the Market – ActiveBrokerz 

ActiveBrokerz is one such broker that offers excellent trading services to investors. Apart from that, they are the only one such kind of brokers who are offering trading education to all its customers. Plus, the customers can now make good profits in their trading with the help of financial experts that are being provided by the broker. ActiveBrokerz is regulated by a regulatory authority and fulfills all the rules and regulations laid by the authority for trading. Also, the brokers provide complete security to the funds of the investors and their crucial information. It offers a unique kind of privacy to every customer.

Brief About ActiveBrokerz – 

You can do trading of different types of financial products like forex, indices, stocks, commodities, futures, CFDs, etc. The brokers also offer to its customer with 3 different types of accounts based on the limitation of the deposit amount. The account types are –

  • Beginner account
  • Expert account
  • Advanced account

What makes these brokers unique is the team of expert financial traders who are professionals and advisors who are learned. If you have decided to invest in stocks and or other trading product then you should switch to ActiveBrokerz. You don’t have to worry about the security of your assets as this broker is one of the best brokers compared to the other broker in the financial market.

Easy Registration Process – 

If you are worried thinking that the process of trading with this broker is a complicated one, then you are wrong. The procedures of starting the trade with this broker are a simple and easy one. They will guide you one after the other and help you. The sign up process with the broker is very quick. On their page, you will see the sign up box. You will get a form and you will have to fill the form entering all the basic details, then add your personal information and phone number and address and submit the form. In minutes you will get registered with them.

Identification Process – 

Then next is the identification process. This broker is a reliable one and they take complete care of the funds of the investor by implementing solid security measures and walls. The firm will ask you to submit the documents for the purpose of identification and also to prevent various kinds of cyber attacks and malware attacks. To confirm your identity you are required to submit your –

  • National identification ID
  • driving license
  • passport
  • Also, you may have to submit the bank statement.

This way after you have completed your identification process you will be registered instantly.

Choosing a Plan – 

After you have completed your identification process you will be required to select a plan i.e. to choose an account type. Depending on your funds and your requirement you should choose a specific investment plan. For instance, if you want to invest a huge amount, then you should choose an expert account type. If you want to invest in a small amount, then the beginner account should be chosen by you and should be an apt one to start with. You will also get a financial guide and help of an expert, no matter what account type you choose.

Funding Wallet & Education Materials – 

Then, you will also have to fund your wallet. You have to add funds to your account as per the requirement of the minimum deposit. Then only your account will be activated. After the completion of this process, you can start trading. You can start trading on indices, CFDs, futures, stocks, commodities, etc. with complete security. There are also education materials which this broker specifically shares with the investors and customers till their doorstep. You can gain insight into trading and also broaden your horizons for trading with these materials.

Beginner Account- 

The beginner account name itself shows that it is for people who are completely new in the financial markets. ActiveBrokerz offers all kinds of trading products which are given on their website. So, one of the best parts about this broker is that you don’t have to go to another place for trading as everything is available with the one broker itself. If you want to open an account with a beginner account then it is one of the best ones. You will have to make a deposit of € 250 in your wallet and you can start trading with this account.

Advanced Account & Expert Account – 

If you are interested in the advanced account, then the minimum deposit which you will have to make is € 5000. After which it will start functioning. And if you are interested in the expert account then you have to add minimum funds of € 20,000. There are various facilities that are available for the expert account holder which comprises of fee for doing live trading in the room, financial advisors expert help, manager of accounts, market research reports, webinars that will be live, 1-to-1 live session, academy which will be held online etc. are some of the useful facilities given when you trade with ActiveBrokerz.

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