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The Decision To Call 866-262-5061 Saved Me From Financial Ruin


The decision to call 866-262-5061 is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. This decision saved me from total financial ruin. I was able to get back to my feet after making bad financial and personal decisions.

About three years ago, my life looked great on paper. I was a senior accountant in a top accounting firm in Manhattan, New York. My paycheck was amazing and I was able to support a nice lifestyle that included partying, fine dining, and vacations. I had 401 (K) and health insurance.

I grew up in an upper-middle-class home and my parents had stable jobs. I believed in the model: go to good schools, find a good job, find a good partner, save for retirement, and enjoy your life. I was following this model and it worked for me for a while.

Trouble started when I separated from my wife. This separation took an emotional and financial toll on my life. On top of that, I made a regrettable decision; I decided to quit my job and cashed out my HSA and 401 (K). I used part of this money to pay a couple of months’ rent for my Brooklyn apartment. The rest I wasted on partying. I also deferred all my loans and I blew up all my savings.

It didn’t take me long to run short of money. I had depleted all my savings, I had rent arrears, I was behind my loan repayments, my car had been repossessed, and I had increasing credit card debt. I was forced to cut my spending on necessities such as food. Worst of all, I was facing legal action for debt recovery and I had not yet managed to find another job.

My life came to a grinding halt. I was constantly having headaches and feeling unwell. I was afraid to open the mail and I had difficulty sleeping. I felt guilty for wasting all my savings. I tried to find another full-time job but I was unsuccessful.

One day I saw an advertisement on TV about a service that helps people facing financial stress. I called the number indicated: 866-262-5061, and the person on the other end told me that they can help me.

Calling 866-262-5061 changed my life. I was able to obtain credit counseling. I was enlightened about unemployment benefits eligibility and other government assistance programs, which I took advantage of to improve my financial situation.

I obtained help on consolidating and refinancing debt. Consolidating debt saved me a great deal. My interest rate was lowered and all my loans became manageable since all my debts were consolidated into one.

After calling 866-262-5061, I was scheduled for an appointment. That first appointment marked the beginning of my journey to financial recovery. Presently, I am on track to clearing my debts and I have a stable income.

When I called 866-262-5061, all that I expected to receive was financial advice. However, I received more than that. I also received career advice. I was assisted to get back to the job market. I was helped to polish up my resume. Most importantly, I was introduced to a site that has helped me to get freelance jobs. I have been able to make a steady income without getting a full-time job. Because of the resume help, I have received a number of interview offers.

You are not the only one facing financial problems. Many people are facing financial stress. Do not suffer in silence. Call 866-262-5061 today to obtain all the financial help that you need.


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