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Singapore Stocks Hit Two-Year High

Over the course of Tuesday, November 7th, virtually all of the Southeast Asian stock markets enjoyed a substantial amount of growth. Although Vietnam hit its highest mark in nearly a decade, financial experts also agree that Singapore has a lot to be pleased about, as well. All of this was in line with Asian peers, which are enjoying some big gains of their own.

The story of Singapore on the global financial stage can be a turbulent one at times. Keeping this in mind, there is much to be pleased about, in terms of Singapore stocks hitting a two year high. However, there are a number of different elements to this story that must be weighed, and not just the good news.

Singapore Stocks Hitting A High Mark

Singapore stocks have been doing well, beyond the recent posting that dove into September inflation. Again, keeping in line with Asian peers, Singapore stock markets have been enjoying a steady climb. A major element that can be used to explain Singapore stock markets hitting high benchmarks on more than one occasion concerns the subject of lenders. There is no question that lenders have done a great job of buoying Singapore stock markets to the recent highs they have been enjoying.

Another major influencer for Singapore stock markets concerns the United States of America. The controversial, largely-disliked President Donald Trump continues to promise to deliver a comprehensive tax plan to the American people. Even so, the political background between the Republicans and Democrats has been particularly bitter and bloody with regards to this tax plan. Given the increasing instability of American political matters, it is difficult to say what will ultimately come to pass. The Republicans are looking to get a tax plan passed by any means necessary. That desire has even included efforts to have a tax plan passed without any Democratic cooperation whatsoever. Naturally, the Democrats are fighting this to the last second, but it is difficult to say what they will ultimately accomplish.

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We won’t go too much deeper into the subject of American politics. Nonetheless, the potential promise of a tax plan that could be extremely beneficial to corporations has investors and other business leaders optimistic. There is no question that this had a big impact on financial and economic matters worldwide. Southeast Asia is not exempt from this fact, and the same can certainly be said for Singapore.

Where Will Singapore Stock Markets Go In 2018

As 2017 rapidly draws to a close, thoughts naturally turn to what 2018 will hold for Singapore stock markets. There are few certainties in life, particularly in this day and age, but many expect Singapore stock markets to continue hitting new highs. They certainly seem to be on track to do that for the rest of 2017. Depending on where things go with Trump and the tax plan, we will be in a much better position to ultimately guess where things might go for Singapore. Nonetheless, Singapore financial institutions and similar bodies are optimistic that Singapore will continue to chart its own singular path.

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