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Reasons Why Importers Need To Engage A Licensed And Registered Broker

Import brokerage can be very discouraging for any importer, especially for those ones new in business. It is necessary for importers to know that they don’t have to figure out everything by themselves. Licensed customs brokers can help them with the whole process of importing, which can also help them in many ways. The following are reasons why every importer should engage a registered and licensedcustoms broker.

#1: Compliance

Attempting to go through the customs regulations and the harmonized tariff schedule of the United States (HTSUS) and other publications is a very difficult task of itself. Licensed brokers have the ability to correctly classify each item on an importer’s commercial invoice and continue with any other notifications or fillings needed by other government agencies. (OGA’s) for the entries.

Also, a licensed broker would have more knowledge and insight about any requirements or regulations that OGAcustoms are recently imposing. A licensed broker would readily have all information that is up to date whereas an importer who is self-filing may not have.

#2: Decreasing the chances of penalties

Another important reason that every importer should look out for whenever they want to engage a licensed broker is that the chances of mistakes made on entries may rise if they are not knowledgeable enough in trade. And when mistakes are made, serious penalties from customs tend to follow. These penalties can be great and can seriously affect an importer’s bottom line. Hiring a licensed broker can reduce the chances of penalties since a licensed broker would have more knowledge and experience in complying with customs regulations.

#3: Relaxes the importer’s mind

Another reason why importers need to hire a licensed broker is the ease of mind it presents.  Registered and licensedcustoms brokers are normally hired to guild importers through the process of importing as a whole. They help in acting as a liaison between the importers and also the government, they also help in classifying the goods, and also advising the importer of existing rules and regulations associated with each product in order for such importer to have a better understanding of international trade.

In general, it is in the best interest of the importer to hire a licensed broker as the benefits greatly overweigh the risk associated with self-filing, especially when such risks are too high. You can use reliable and licensed brokerslike Clearit USA customs broker to get the best-licensed broker services. As the saying goes “it is better to be safe than sorry” and this could not be truer when deciding whether to hire a licensed broker or not.

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