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Procurement agency plays a great role in producing premium products

When sourcing from another nation, it is important that you learn the pros and cons of procuring goods or services from that country. You can either do it all by yourself or partner up with a global sourcing agency to negotiate prices and ensure quality products for your business.

If you take up the task of dealing with suppliers on your own you have to handle everything on your own from start to end. Again, if the people in that country are not well versed in English things might get all the more complicated for you.

Buying has become a science. Procurement has moved from a pure cost function to become a strategic part of the business, where suppliers now often turn into partners in an ever more complex supply chain. As a global player in the industry, MCI welcomes this new trend and is adapting its relations with both clients and suppliers accordingly.

Benefits of procurement agencies

  • Improves efficiency in the contracting processes carried out by the State.

  • It gives immediate access to public bodies to all the information that may be relevant when hiring a company.

  • It reduces the procedures that suppliers must perform when contracting with the State, avoiding the presentation of certificates every time they offer in a public procurement procedure.

  • Each provider will have access to the information that is included in the RUPE, either directly or electronically, in real time and may update it when necessary.

  • The State has historical information on the performance of suppliers in the fulfilment of their contracts. This benefits both the State and its collaborators.

  • Connection with experts – Experienced agents have access to reliable manufacturing and supplier companies in the foreign nation where they run business.

  • Knowledge about local market and industry – In the event that you approach a procuring company with offices in a foreign nation, it is inevitable that they are aware of the local language and also the market condition of that place. They know which manufacturer is good at producing what product and who provides the best quality service.

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Procurement agency plays a great role in producing premium products

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