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    Insurance companies offer three distinct formulas

When setting your purchase budget for a new vehicle do not forget to include the amount of insurance. Indeed according to the models and the insurance companies the invoice can vary considerably. This is why you should not miss to compare the different offers and asks for ราคาประกันรถยนต์ . Whether you have typed cheap car insurance or cheap auto insurance on your search engine, are you looking for quality assurance? Rates vary from one insurer to another so it is essential to carefully select the right guarantees adapted to your profile.

All risks

With a more expensive contribution the all risks formula generally allows you to benefit from guarantees such as the assumption of responsibility for the theft of personal effects inside the vehicle or assistance 0 km in its basic formula. In all risks you also lower the amount of the deductible in case of damage or breakage of ice.

Third parties with theft

This formula includes only the basic guarantees with liability, theft, fire and breakage which also include natural disasters and towing costs. Indeed some brands are cheaper to insure because they are less exposed to theft and easier to repair.

Without flight

This formula is for vehicles whose coast is really weak. These are decisive factors used by the insurance company to fix the price of your contract. These criteria are different depending on the car models and their age.

Costs and payable amounts

With the best auto insurance company you never doubt of the sum insured amount because they pay as exactly they said it to you before you sign the contract with them. If you are a novice driver opt for an older car model with ordinary tax power and a brand with low exposure to theft. This is the best way to minimize the amount of your insurance premium. An important point when you know that anyway your premium will be increased significantly since you are a novice driver and still inexperienced. Some insurers also offer discounts to their insured driving a particularly clean or safe vehicle equipped with a geo location device.

Conclusion: Which insurance formula to choose?

Choosing your contract based on the value of your car can reduce the price of the insurance package. Indeed, only the guarantee civil liability is mandatory. Better known as third-party insurance, this is the formula that protects third parties from the damage done by your car. Opting for an electric car or hybrid and equipped with security systems can be a solution to lower the price of your contract.

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