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Important Aspects to Gain Knowledge on Seeking Refund from Merchant

Are you wondering about merchant service refund process? It would be in your best interest to understand the different types of refunds first.

Different Types of Refunds

There have been three major kinds of refunds inclusive of the following.

  • Canceled or failed transactions
  • Merchant refund
  • Chargeback

Let us delve into them individually

Canceled or Failed Transactions

When you actually make a transaction with your credit card, the merchant or the ATM would require authorizing the transaction amount initially or freeze it. You would be able to see such transactions listed as pending in your card transaction history. In the event of the transaction failing or getting rejected, the authorized funds would be released in a fortnight. It has been an automated process that cannot be sped up.

Merchant Refund

The merchant has willingly made a refund after the transaction has been settled. For instance, you have been successfully paid for a specific service or product to the merchant. However, you may not have received what you have actually paid for. The merchant would agree upon request to return the money. In such a scenario, such refunds would take nearly a week to a fortnight.

You would see two different transactions in your transaction history such as:

  • Original successful transaction (debit refund)
  • Separate refund transaction (credit refund)


You could request a chargeback in rare situations inclusive of the following:

  • When you were unable to subscribe from a subscription service
  • When you tried to seek a refund from a merchant, but the communication did not go well
  • When you did not authorize a specific transaction you see in the ledger
  • When the ATM did not provide you adequate money, but the transaction has been listed to be successful in the transaction history

In order to process a chargeback, it would be pertinent to request a specific dispute form from their respective support team. The service would then forward the filled form to the card issuer for further investigation. In the event of your chargeback rights have been confirmed, you would be getting a refund to your card.

Things to keep in Mind when raising a Dispute

The foremost thing to remember would be that dispute could arise on successful transactions only and not on failed or authorized transactions. Disputes could be raised for transactions made within the last 120 days. No transactions would be made with gambling services. You would need to provide accurate details of the transaction in order to raise successful merchant service refund

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