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How to place a trade with bitcoins revolution

For you to begin trading, there will be a need for you to register and have an account by creating one in the website which you will get at bitcoin revolution app. The software is free to use but there will be an initial investment for you to start using the live mode.

  • Registration: Once you are able to access the website of the bitcoin revolution, all you will need is to complete the form for you to create a free account for yourself. The basic information which you will require include your first and last name, phone number and email. You will also have to create a password that will enable you to log back into your account, and also, to make your account secure.

When you are done with the registration, you will be connected to one of the brokers who are available on the platform of the bitcoin revolution. Before you invest the real money, it is recommended that you try and make a demo account first. This will ensure that you familiarize yourself with the platform that you are about to use.

  • Demo account: The demo account is available and upon choosing to create it, you will be taken through a quick tour concerning the functionalities of the account. For you to be able to test the software fully, you will be granted a$1500 credit by the software. This is an amount which you can use to start your own trades within the demo mode while practicing. You will have to continue and click the auto-trade button and allow the software to run automatically on its own.
  • Live account: Now that you are done with the account creation, you will be directed to the trading room. This is where you let the bitcoin revolution system know how you want to trade in the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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