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How to complete a bitcoin transaction

It is important to be in the know on how to complete a bitcoin transaction so that, when you start using bitcoin profit login you make maximum profit and you make your transactions with ease.

  • Transfer the bitcoins which you want to use in a wallet which is accessible: In case you are purchasing something online or you just want to pay someone using bitcoins, you can simply copy the information which you require to make the transaction complete from whatever wallet that you own. But if you want to pay for services or goods face to face, you will require to have bitcoins in a wallet where you can access while on the go and that is when the mobile wallet comes in handy
  • Scan or copy the information in regard to payment: The merchant or the individual whom you want to pay will give you the public address for their account or wallet. From your wallet, you will then send bitcoins payment to the address. On a normal transaction, you will receive an invoice which will specify the number of bitcoins which you owe the merchant or the individual.

Due to the fact that the value of the bitcoins is so volatile, the invoice will only be valid for that particular window time which can be between 10 to 15 minutes. There are several merchants and individuals who prefer to use QR codes which will give you a scan that is simple with your phone from the app of the mobile wallet to send the bitcoins where it is supposed to go.

  • Send your bitcoins to the provided address that you copied: With your app on the wallet, you can choose the option of sending your bitcoins to another wallet. All you have to do is place the payment information of the merchant or individual along with the bitcoins amount that you want to send and then click on the send button.

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