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Everything to Know About Greenslip Insurance

There is so much that you should know about insurance and there are different types that you can find on various websites like iSelect, including greenslip insurance. This is the most basic coverage that you would require when you own a vehicle in Australia and it is required for registering your vehicle in all states. This is also called CPT insurance in the other states of the country and you should make sure that you know what this coverage is for, so keep reading to know everything about it.

What to Know About Greenslip Insurance

No matter where you get your coverage from, including iSelect, you should make sure that you know what this coverage type is. This is a policy that would provide some compensation for people who are injured or killed in a car accident. This is required because if you don’t have it, then you can be responsible for paying the actual costs of compensating those who were injured or even killed.

There are a few things that this coverage would also cover and those are:

  • A certain amount of your income pre-injury if you are required to take more time off of work because of the injuries
  • Home support services if you need assistance getting back on the right track, which includes commercial attendant care
  • Required rehabilitation and treatment expenses will be covered within a reasonable amount

These can be covered for a period of 6 months or 24 weeks if you are suffering from the injuries and you can even get the coverage for a longer period of time if required. You would also want to know just who exactly is going to be covered under this type of coverage and this includes:

  • Your passengers, yourself and anyone else who is riding in or driving the vehicle
  • Riders, passengers and drivers of any other vehicles that might be injured during the crash with your vehicle
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and any other individuals who were on the road when the accident occurred and were injured during this

You should always make sure that you know everything about the type of coverage that you are getting and this isn’t going to protect your vehicle. This type of coverage is there to protect the individuals and other people who might be in the area surrounding your vehicle at the time of the accident and who have suffered injuries.

Go ahead and think about getting the green slip coverage if you think that you require it and if you want to keep yourself fully covered. You can get this through iSelect and this is the best way to keep yourself protected without having to worry about forking over any cash for any compensation during an accident. Make sure that you have this along with any other type of vehicle coverage that you might need and this is going to cover the people and what they require rather than the vehicle during the time of the accident.

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