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Best Money Making ideas for your Cheerleader fundraiser

Are you looking for ways to raise money for your cheerleading squad? If you are, then you are in the right place. We know how stressful it can be to source for funds for a cause through fundraising events. On the other hand, cheerleading fundraisers are not supposed to stress you, rather you are supposed to have fun while you raise money for your squad.

Indeed, there are a ton of incredible fundraising ideas out there. But there’s only a handful of great money making ideas, and we have gone all-out to select only the best ones for this list. Although you’ll have to tweak them a little bit to suit the fundraising needs of your squad. In the long run, these cheerleader fundraisers will help you save a significant amount of time – time, that you can use to create better routines, cheers, and chants for your cheerleading team.

with no further ado, let’s see a few of the best cheerleader fundraisers of 2019. And away we go!

  1. Cheerleader car wash fundraiser

For decades Cheerleaders from different parts of the world have used this fundraising technique to raise money for their squad. The money-making capabilities of this fundraising technique are irrefutable. As a matter of fact, you and your team of cheerleaders can make 70-100% profit with this genius idea. All you need for this fundraising event is a few buckets, towels, detergents and a few dirty cars. Offer your services to car owners in your local area at cheap affordable rates. To make your services all the more compelling for the car owners, give them prices that are well below the standard car wash fees. Don’t forget to tell them that you are raising money for your cheerleader squad so they can subscribe to your car wash service.

  1. Rent-a-cheerleader fundraiser

one of the most outstanding advantages of this cheerleader fundraiser idea is the fact that you can get 100% profit with your fundraising efforts. To accomplish this, you and your squad will offer your services to families around your neighborhood: to keep up their lawn, clean their home, watch their dogs, keep an eye on their infants and some other family task that is expected of you. As a standard guideline, families that lease a cheerleader from your squad would pay the predetermined charge at regular intervals. You’ll have to agree on how much you’ll charge per minute or per hour spent in their homes. This cheerleader fundraiser is truly straight forward and an extraordinary method to raise cash for your squad.

  1. Cheerleader concert fundraisers

Many people find cheerleaders amusing and they will pay good money to see more of your beautiful cheerleading technique. You can satisfy their desire for your pom-poms and give them a show like never before. Of course, they will have to pay to watch you perform your cheerleading techniques on a stage. You should expect some financial cost for this cheerleader fundraiser since you’ll need a venue for your concert. On the other hand, you can get sponsors to outfit you with the venue for the concert. A school stadium, basketball court or gym center would be perfect for this event. So contact your school to see if you can use their stadium, gym or basketball court for your event. Don’t forget to make tickets for your show.

  1. Pool party fundraiser

This is another great way to raise money for your cheerleader squad. Note: this fundraising event is much more appropriate for summer – everyone would want to cool off in a pool. Nevertheless, you can organize a pool party fundraiser at any other time of the year. All you need for this fundraiser is an isolated pool and a mean bouncer (optional). Anyone that wants to access the pool on the scheduled date of your fundraiser will have to pay an entrance fee. To increase your profit for this fundraising venture, contact the pool owner and convince him or her to loan out the pool for free. Also, you can sell refreshments like drinks and snacks by the poolside. You should also consider renting a DJ for this event if you want to turn things up a nudge.

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