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Bandung Indonesia: A Simple Travel Guide For the First Timer

Paris van Java was a nickname given to Bandung in the early 20th century, back when the town was a hotel destination for wealthy Dutch colonists. The connection isn’t as prominent today, but have a stroll together Jalan Braga, and the reasons for your metaphor become more apparent.

All along this charming street are preserved Art Deco buildings that harken back to the town’s colonial past. On either side were plenty of European-style restaurants and boutiques. It gave the city a continental appearance and texture that earned it its Paris of Java nickname, a title that’s still in use to this day.

Bandung’s colonial days could be behind it, but one thing has persevered. It’s still the valuable hotel destination it once had been, attracting thousands and thousands of tourists because of the trendy mountain atmosphere every year.

  1. Take A Stroll Along Jalan Braga

Jalan Braga was among favoured places everywhere in Bandung. It’s a pleasant tree-lined street with shops and cafes on each side. Seeing all of the art deco buildings on this road will help you understand how Bandung got its “Paris of Java” nickname.

  1. Peer Into a Volcano’s Crater in Tangkuban Perahu

Bandung is famous for two submerged attractions. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit Tangkuban Perahu. It is an active volcano located about one hour and a half north-west of fundamental Bandung. It is possible to hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot springs and boiling mud up close.

As described, you’ll need to arrange for a private vehicle charter to get to Tangkuban Perahu and the other nearby attractions.

  1. Spend the Day Dusun Bambu Resort

Dusun Bambu is a picturesque resort in Lembang, about an hour north of fundamental Bandung. It is located at the foothills of all Mt. Burangrang. It comprises several family-oriented activities like hanging planters, a human-made river, along with bamboo walking paths. It’s a resort so you can even reserve lodging here

Dusun Bambu Resort might be fascinating if you’re travelling with kids but to tell the truth, we didn’t like it that much. It’s a gorgeous location but not quite meant for foreign people. It’s more for local tourists.

  1. Marvel at Kawah Putih Lake

This is among of favourite stops in Bandung. Kawah Putih is among Mt. Patuha just two craters situated about two hours south of Bandung. It is a crater lake with highly contaminated water which routinely varies from powder blue to whitish-green to brown, depending upon its sulfuric content and warmth.

  1. Visit Patenggang Lake

After crossing the entrance gates, you’ll drive through hectares of tea plantations before arriving at the lake with a small island. It is best seen in the particular restaurant on the banks of the lake that is shaped just like a life-sized wooden galleon.

  1. Walk Throughout Tea Plantations

Driving through Ciwidey in southern Bandung, you can’t help but notice the lush undulating waves which go so far as the eye can see. These are the tea plantations the Dutch colonists created in the 18th century. Our motorist Tommy parked the vehicle by the side of the street so we can walk through the farms and also shoot pictures.

  1. Go Strawberry Picking

Besides its green plantations, you’ll discover a lot of strawberry farms in Ciwidey as well. You will drive through farms advertisements strawberry picking, which is just yet another popular tourist activity in southern Bandung.

The farm entrance is about IDR 10,000, and you’ll be given a small basket to select as many strawberries as you like. Any berries you choose will probably be weighed and sold to you for about IDR 80,000 per kilo.

Before you plan a trip to Bandung Indonesia, be sure to read more about Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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