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5 Tips On How To Save Money While You’re At Home

One day, it slips through your mind you realize it’s time for a change and save some money. But you’re wondering, how can you do it? How to save money? Maybe you think you’ll take it little by little or go on full thrifty.

Well, there are a lot of things you can do that can save you some cash, like taking a walk sometimes instead of taking the bus or revisit your credit card company. But you’re also able to save so money while changing some things that you do in your home.

We made a list of things you can try to do in your home to save money. You can do some of it with a little effort, but others may require more effort taking you out of your comfort zone. Some on the list may not be fit for you to do, but there’s undoubtedly some that will do.

Here are five tips on how to save money by changing how you run things at your home:

How You Prepare Your Food

A vast portion of your money goes to spending on stuff that you eat, so if you’re going to make changes, you may want to start here. Let start with grocery shopping. Before you go to the store make a list of what you’ll need to buy. In this way, you’ll avoid buying things you don’t apparently need. You can make a meal plan for the whole day or a whole week so that you can set up your food budget.

Avoid going to restaurants or ordering fast food that is not that healthy as your lunch or dinner. Try to make time to prepare your meals for a week and put them in the fridge. Think of healthy alternatives that are cheaper. Try something new such as baking bread or blending some fruits. Maybe you can also try to make many batches in preparing your food so you can buy the ingredients at once. Also, look for promos that let you save some money when you buy them in bulk.


You’re starting to notice that your electric bills are getting high each month. There are ways to conserve electricity and therefore spend less on your bills. The first rule you should implement is that whenever you’re not using an appliance turn it off and make sure you remove the plug because it still consumes electricity when it’s still plugged even if you’re not using it.

If you’re not yet using LED lights in your home, maybe it’s time to switch. These kinds of bulbs may be a little pricey, but they are energy-efficient, meaning they consume lesser electricity and are more durable than others, so you don’t have to worry about frequently spending on a replacement.

Or maybe you have outdated appliances that consume more energy than you know. With the technology that we have, there are available appliances that are energy-efficient. It may cost a little bit higher, but it is an excellent investment in the long run in conserving energy.

Declutter Your House

Decluttering your house is an activity that you can do with your family or friends. If you already have too much in your house or you feel that there are things you don’t need or use anymore, then start to declutter. Go from room to room and pick up items that you can also give to others who can make use of it or sell it in a garage sale. You also get to do a clean up to your house and increase its value.

Going through your clothes is also a good idea. Instead of buying new clothes, you may look for clothes in your cabinet that are still brand new that you haven’t been able to use yet. Or if you have clothes that you don’t use or doesn’t fit you anymore, you can also lend or sell it to others.

Doing Maintenance

Dust is one of the enemies of your appliances; they clog it up which makes them need more energy to operate. Do a check-up on your machines and clean them up with a rug or vacuum cleaner so they’ll be energy efficient and last longer. Do a monthly check up to look for your appliances that may need attention so you’ll catch the problem early on and save yourself on buying a new one.

But if you have an appliance that needs repair, maybe you can search online for tutorials on how to fix it yourself. You get to save money on getting a repair guy, and you’re also able to add skill and experience to yourself.

Change How You Do Your Shopping

You can imply the 10-second rule to your shopping. As you’re on your way to the counter, stop for 10 seconds and think if what you’re buying is a necessity or not. Why are you buying it? Do you need it now? Is it important? If your answer is no to these questions maybe it’s not time to buy it yet. If you are urging to buy something you want, also try the 30-day rule. Wait for a month and weigh yourself if it’s worth your money, you’ll notice that the urge to buy it has passed because of waiting.

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If you want to escape the pressure of thinking of whether you’ll buy stuff or not, avoid going to the mall instead. It can be fun to go to the mall and see a lot of things to entertain you, but it also full of temptation, it tempts you to buy things that catch your attention. Dodge the pressure and go to places that also provides relaxation and entertainment such as the park or museums.

But what If you’re so stressed from work or a particular problem that you have, you’re unable to resist the desire to spend money and buy stuff that you want. You can relieve your stress by engaging yourself with other activities that don’t involve spending money. Activities like exercising, reading, watching a movie, doing maintenance in your house, or even having a nap can reduce your stress.

Don’t stress too much on saving some money; you will get the hang of it eventually. You’ll be in shock when you realize you’re already saving so much.

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