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4 Reasons to Get Your Hidden Monitor Desk Today

The 21st century, also known as the modern era, is the period of innovations. Bit by bit, we’re changing our regular habits and improving our lifestyles by introducing technology and all its benefits into our lives.

This process of modernization has been around for a while, but these days, when everything is becoming intelligent and smart, an implementation of the tech-driven solutions is required.

Besides various stuff, leading furniture manufacturers, including our company, are providing modern customers with advanced furniture design. One good example is a hidden monitor desk.

Let’s see why you should replace your old fashion office table with this brand new piece of furniture. Here are 5 benefits!

1.     A Hidden Monitor Desk Is Suitable both for Your Home Working Corner and Big Corporation Offices

With various available solutions, our hidden monitor desk will fit into the working corner of your living room if you prefer to work from home, but it will meet your corporation’s requirements too, whether you want to boost your office design or the entire open space office environment.

Available as a one-person solution, or with multiple monitor openings, this space-saving design will meet all your needs.

With a smooth gliding monitor lift that works without motors or electricity, and without adjusting any counterweights or springs, you’ll be able to control the lift using a speed control device.

Besides, such a solution is perfect for schools and universities, too.  On-demand access to a computer interface will provide students with an interactive and interesting way of education, and most importantly, it will save a lot of space. A hidden monitor desk can transform into a regular classroom table if needed.

2.     Hidden Monitor Desks Will Boost Your Working Habits

Is there anything better than working in a well-organized and functional environment? Our opinion is that a comfortable working atmosphere finishes half the job.

This multifunctional solution can transform into a flat workstation within a few seconds without any noise, and you can focus on various tasks, whether you need to use your computer, or you still need a large and clear worktable.

Instead of being anxious, you should get our hidden monitor desk which will always be at your service. If you’re spending eight hours at your workplace each day, you should organize your working environment in accordance with your standards, and feel amazing all the time.

3.     You’ll Get a Superior Interior Design without the Help of Architects and Designers

Nowadays, everything revolves around design. If you want to stay competitive and amaze your clients, your excellent services and products may not be enough – you should improve the interior design of your company.

If your office is a place where you host your business partners and colleagues for meetings, your office should be modern and advanced. Instead of having a boring, rectangular table with a bunch of split cables, you should get your hidden monitor desk and customize it to your current needs.

With such a modern and high-quality desk, you’ll achieve a superior and modern interior design without any help. Besides, a hidden monitor desk is easy to install.

4.     You’ll Forget All about Back Pain Thanks to Its Ergonomic Design

If you have a brand new ergonomic chair, but your back pain problems are still present, the problem might be inappropriate desk designs. Instead of adjusting yourself to your office furniture, you should go smart and adjust your furniture to your needs.

If the current desk at your office can’t provide you with the opportunity of tilting or adjusting the height of your flat-screen monitor, that might be the cause of your back pain issues.

With our hidden monitor desk with our patented SMARTdesks® technology included, you can adjust the monitor position, avoiding all the mentioned problems. With eleven mounting positions available to adjust screen height, you’ll enjoy what you do on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line

Whether your flat-screen monitor weights 5-15 or 15-24 pounds, as long as its width doesn’t exceed 22.75 inches, you should get your hidden monitor desk today and experience the best working conditions.

As one of the most flexible solutions available on the market, our hidden monitor desk will improve your interior design, it will help you boost your productivity, it will reduce your back pain, and most importantly, it will, in general, respond to all your requirements.

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