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10 Keys to Achieve Success in the Organisation of Events

Organising any event requires global strategic planning in which we must take into account a series of keys that help us achieve the goal we seek, transmit brand values ​,​and generate experiences that last in the minds of the participants.

The great advantage of organising a successful event is that we will reinforce the brand image and reputation. To achieve this, we must take into account the following keys to success in the organisation of events:

  1. Be clear about the main objective of the event. We must ask ourselves, what do I want to achieve with this activity? What do I seek and need to get from it? Organising an event for loyal VIP customers is not the same as organising a product launch, or a conference of 1,000 people. To set the objective, keep in mind that the guests must have a good reason to attend.
  2. Know the values ​​of the company well. An event is a great opportunity to transmit the brand image of the company as well as the values ​​in each of the details: design, colours, set design, activities … we must think at all times, what do we want to convey?
  3. Put yourself in the client’s place. Try to think about the expectations that the client will have in order to satisfy them. What would you like to find? What services would you demand? Focus more on their satisfaction than on the number of guests. Their satisfaction will be the greatest success because if you manage to transmit the message correctly, they will then be responsible for viralising it.
  4. Prepare a detailed plan. A good plan or script is essential for the event to have a successful end. Within the strategy, you must include all the aspects that make up the event such as timing, content, messages to be transmitted, needs, decoration, merchandising … as well as the budget assigned for activities, so as not to exceed it.
  5. Generate experiences. Bet on personalised, original and unique events. It is the only way for the event to be remembered. Generating original sensations, as well as creative actions, will help. Even before the event starts, you must generate expectations through the messages you make.
  6. Take care of all the details. All the little details will make it a pleasant experience and therefore easier to remember.
  • Technology and audiovisual equipment. Always keep them in mind when looking for a location and always reserve them in plenty of time. A screen, projector or iPad will help to give visibility to the event. Perform sound tests before the attendees arrive.
  • Place of the event. It is not just a matter of square metres. If the imagination is the limit, possible venues run from conventional events in rooms or hotels to a theatre, neighborhood market or stud farm in the middle of nature. Take into account the accessibility of the venue, size and purpose of the event. Confirm the date in advance and find the perfect place. If the location is complicated, provide maps of how to get there or if you have enough budget put on transport. You will have to look at the lighting, green areas, smoking areas, plugs, spaces … think that there may be unforeseen weather, such as rain or strong winds, so you should always have a Plan B as well as extra audiovisual material.
  • Speakers. You must contact them well in advance to confirm the topics to be discussed. It is important that they know the objective of the event as well as the time available to participate and the type of attendees.
  • Catering. One of the memories that last most in the mind of attendees is what they ate at an event. So, it is imperative that you pay close attention to this. You can opt for finger food, as it allows guests to chat and get to know the rest of the people while tasting the gastronomic delights.
  • Ambience. On many occasions changing the lighting can be enough to create a different and personalised environment.
  • Details for the attendees. A small detail at the end of the event will make them leave happy. If you can customise it, you will be advertising at the same time.
  1. Promote the event. Social networks are a good channel through which to inform about the event. As well as the internet, telemarketing actions, sending invitations by email or press releases to specialised media and blogs in the sector.
  2. Act as a great host. Make decisions and assign resources to satisfy the guests; make them feel comfortable but without losing sight of the objective of the event. If you transmit security and confidence you will already have a good part of the assured success.
  1. Be advised by experts. Although it may seem that it is something simple, sometimes it is better to leave it in the hands of professional event production companies to ensure success.
  2. Measure and analyse the results for upcoming events. Analysing the results obtained is essential to know the strengths and weaknesses of the event, and how these can be built upon, or overcome, for future events.

In summary, good and thorough organisation will greatly determine the success of an event. On the contrary, poor planning can easily negatively affect the reputation of the company. In order to achieve a successful event, it is necessary to be orderly, meticulous and punctual in the execution of the programmed activities.

However, although you have planned and organised everything meticulously, it may be the case that something does not turn out as expected, in this case, do not get upset, keep a positive attitude and look for the best possible solution.

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